Custom orthotics are designed for your feet and your feet only. They can cost anywhere from about $99 to $500,$600. I even had one person tell me that they paid $800 for their custom orthotic. Let’s hope that who ever made that sale is in jail for robbery. LOL

Seriously, you can find custom orthotics in a wide range of prices, but what make a custom orthotic worth the money. Unfortunately just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it is good.

Let’s start by defining what the words custom orthotic really mean. First the word custom means it has been made for you and only you by making an impression of your foot so a positive mold can be made. This can be done with plaster or with a digital scanning computer system. One is not better than the other when you learn what makes a good orthotic. Second the word orthotic means a device that has been custom  made for you and you only to use in your shoes to help guide your feet into a better gait or step. So something you buy at a store of the rack and put in your shoes, is not an orthotic, it is an arch support, and will usually aid a little comfort but nothing like a true orthotic. 

So we know now that custom orthotics are custom made and arch supports are pre-made and sold as is. So what makes an custom orthotic worth the money? As I said, it’s not the price. It’s how it is casted that makes the difference. It is difficult to find someone who is making custom orthotics to be making them at an affordable price. No on should ever pay over $350.00 for a custom orthotic, good or bad. There is a very strong mark up on these items, especially the ones from a doctor’s office that your insurance will cover. That’s a game they play. Your doctor will charge the ins. company X amout knowing that the ins. company will discount the item to a reasonable cost. The the remaining portion the doctor doesn’t get paid for by ins. becomes a tax write off. So in the long run there is no loss. 

Next you should know that the most important part of the manufacture of a custom orthotic in the impression process it’s self. If your foot is not placed in the impression foam in a very strategic way, your orthotic will not work as well as it could, had it been casted more efficiently. Sure there are times when you just need to place the foot in the foam and stand for a second and that’s the impression. But those people usually have very rigid feet with little to no flexibility. Most of us have feet that flex and move very well, sometimes too well. So the best way to start construction for a custom orthotic is with the 3 point casting process. If the impression is not made with a 3 point process, most likely the orthotic will only support the foot and not help to change the way it performs. If we can change the way the foot walks in a shoe, we can change pressure pain, general foot fatigue,  posture, balance, stability, and in general improve the health of the  entire body. 

So the next time someone tells you you need a custom orthotic, ask them how they would cast for that. If they do not use the words bio mechanic, or 3 point impression process, run. You will be ripped of and usually with no money back guarantee.

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