How can anyone wear shoes that are too small? I ask that question all the time. As a Certified Pedorthist, I walk around looking at feet. Call it per-versed, but that’s what I do. I use to be a hairdresser and I looked at hairstyles. I still do that too, but now I’m more interested in their feet and the shoes they have on them. 

First,for anyone reading this and realizing your on the the ones with shoes that are not quite the right fit, I will give you and excuse this time, for you know not what your doing. But from here on out, if you choose to continue to wear improperly fitted footwear and you have foot pain, sorry bout cha. But if you want help, I’m here to do just that.

I can tell by the way a shoe fits on a foot and the wear pattern, if the shoe is a proper fit or not. Most of the time it’s not. Let’s face it we buy our shoes to fit our eyes first then if they really fit our feet we wear that pair of shoes most of the time because they don’t hurt. But really, can you say that all your shoes don’t hurt your feet? I doubt it. It’s not your fault. You’ve probably never been taught how a shoe should fit, where your foot should sit in the shoe, and even more, that a shoe can be altered to fit your foot the very best for the most comfort. And for ultimate comfort, having a bio mechanically designed custom orthotic, like an ezWalker, crafted to be used in every pair of shoes you wear, is the best thing you can do for your feet and overall general health.

Let me say this, if you have any foot pain, or a pair of shoes that just aren’t comfortable, contact me. You can find important information at my web store in the education section under shoe fitting reference guide at There you will find a visual as to where your foot should sit in the shoe and information on shoes sizing. Let me tell you, there is no standards in the shoe industry for sizes. What one company calls a 8D another company may call it a 9M. Guess what? They both may be wrong from what a Brannock device (the thing you measure your foot’s length and width on) measures. The Brannock is used as a reference to start from. Then you have to know where your foot is suppose to sit in that shoe to know if that company is using a standard Brannock measurement system or not. For example, Nike one of the most popular athletic shoes on the market are sized not even close to the Brannock measurement system. They run anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 sizes small. So if you’ve ever tried to wear a Nike and you think they aren’t comfortable, you probably just don’t have the right size for a proper arch fit. Not to mention once you get the right size with a Nike, then the width is huge and it will need to be altered for width unless you have super wide feet anyway. So my advice on a Nike? Buy a Brooks, a New Balance, or an Atrex instead. Those brands fit better than any others I’ve ever work with. They still run a bit small but only 1/2 to 1 size depending on brand and style.

Just go to my store and check out the info I have for you there. And while your there, educate yourself on the use of a properly fitted orthotic. That will be my next blog. What makes a custom orthotic worth the money?

Oh, and while your in my e-store, if you have any questions about anything, contact me. I love to help people be more comfortable in their footwear. Let’s face it, you only have one pair of feet, so you better take care of them. Because from what I’ve seen as a C-Ped, compared to the real thing, replacements really suck.