Hi, my name is Kathy Carandang and I’m a C-Ped. That stands for Certified Pedorthist. I’m like a pharmacist for your feet. As a C-Ped I have worked with deformed feet, sometimes due to congenital defects and sometimes injury.  I have worked with young feet, old feet, and middle aged feet. Also, fleshy feet, bony feet, high arches, low arches, flat feet, rigid feet, and flexible feet. Simply put, I have literally worked with all types of feet.  I can do all sorts of orthopedic work, from shoe modifications for foot deformities, to fitting diabetics, to making custom orthotics. But I have a passion for helping EVERYONE take better care of their feet. Be proactive about your foot care.

You don’t have to have foot pain to reap the benefits from the knowledge of a well trained C-Ped like myself. Think about this. Shoes come in mirror matched images, feet do not. Ever wonder why one shoe feels great and the other is just a bit – not so great? Or maybe you don’t feel a difference, but by the end of the day you can’t wait to take off your shoes. Or you change your shoes often throughout the day or just simply take them off whenever possible. Doing simple shoes alterations and slight modifications to your shoes, I can help your feet feel the best they possibly can. I have developed the ezWalker custom arch support, for both men and women, and it works in any type of shoe you want to wear. Yes ANY shoes. Even fashion heels and dance shoes.

I want to teach you why proper bio mechanics for your feet is important, and how to best fit a pair of shoes on them. When your feet walk better your whole body benefits. Proper bio mechanics for your feet starts with an ezWalker and ends with better balance; stability; reduction of stress on your joints; and in general, less overall fatigue by the end of the day. And for little ones, a properly fitted and supported pair of shoes is vital for developing a healthy pair of feet for life. Most of us don’t walk bio mechanically correct from the time we start walking. Sure, we get around and seem to walk ok, but to walk in a way that improves the health and well being of your feet to help the entire body for life is a gift all parents should want to give their children. The best time to help your child’s feet is to start at about age 4 or 5. Keep them in proper bio mechanically correct custom orthotics until the growth plates in their feet set at around ages 12 to 15. Evern after this age I still recommend the use of a proper custom orthotic like the ezWalker for playing sports or being on your feet for very long periods of time. If a foot has been guided properly with the use of a product like the ezWalker while growing, it will be stronger and healthier for life.

The good news is the ezwalker will fit in ANY type shoes. It’s ultra thin, 3/4 length design will transfer from shoe to shoe fitting properly without taking up any excess room in the shoes, and therefore makes it possibly to use it in any pair of shoes you want, saving time and money. 

It’s important that our shoes fit our eyes, but more important is that they fit our feet. That’s where I can help you get the shoes that fit your eyes also be the ones that fit your feet. For testimonials go towww.walkezstore.com/testimonials.html . Read first hand how the ezWalker and my services as a C-Ped have helped people just like you. 

Please contact me via www.walkezstore.com/contact.html  if you have any questions and let me know how I can help you learn how to better care for your feet. Your whole body will thank you. Put a smile on your face with an ezWalker on your feet.

Remember…When your feet feel good you feel good.

Fittingly yours,

Kathy Carandang, C-Ped                                                                                                                                                           www.walkezstore.com