So here we are in the midst of the technology renaissance. We use some form of technology almost every minute of every day. We take if in stride, for granted. And when it goes down or out of service, we get upset, angry, and sometimes just simply don’t know how to cope. 

I’m checking my e-mails this morning and for the most part the stuff that comes thru from someone I don’t know I generally delete. Of course unless the Re: looks like something I should at least open and investigate. Who knows I might miss out on something really worthy or important. I get the message that says, Re: Please Do Not Text and Drive. Watch this Video. Well, I can’t pass up a video so I open the message and watch the video. 3 young girls in a car, texting to some boy, laughing and giggling and of course not paying attention to the road at all. Now I know I’m guilty of texting while driving, but I must admit, I only do it if I’m at a light or stopped in traffic. However, after watching this,  when I get in the car I will be sure to have on my blue tooth and only take incoming calls. My new blue tooth is totally voice activated, I love it.  Please what this video, it may save your or someone else’s life. 

This may be one of the most important blogs I have ever written.