To tweet or not to tweet that is the question. Or is the question really Are you tweeting or are you not tweeting. If not, then why?You should be.

Twitter is the best way to stay up to date with what is happening right now. You can get the latest scoop on just about anything you want. If your looking for keywords and following people of importance on twitter , chances are you’ll find it there.

The trick is to tweet important content as much as possible. Don’t just get on there and post senseless garb just to say you tweet. The trick is to tweet important information that will enhance the web world and engage us to learn more about what you know.  Make it worthy. Make it important. Make it valuable.

You can use twitter from your phone if you don’t have a computer handy just like you text.

If you use a computer all the time you should keep twitter handy for posting important updates and content that is valuable to others.  Find a new really cool website, go on twitter and tell the world. We love a good share.

So here’s how to get started if you are not already using twitter. Go there now and check it out.

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Happy Tweeting.