So you live in a part of the country where the seasons change in a way that you know the big difference between summer and winter. Let’s face it, and no offence, but you people in Southern California and South Florida really haven’t a clue what cabin fever is. But those of you in Alaska really know what I talkin’ bout. 

So here we sit in one of the most beautiful months of the entire year, September. For the most part, the country still has decent weather in the first part of September. Some spots may be getting very cool if not cold during the night, but the days are still fairly warm. The leaves are beginning to turn their colors of wonder as God paints with His pallet the beautiful fall tones of gold, amber, orange, and yellow.

A good hike in the woods this time of year is spectacular. It’s a Goldilocks time of year to hike and do outdoor sports, not to hot and not too cold, for the most part the weather is just right.  We can still get in that swim on a good warm day, something that summer is known for. There’s a whole array of things one can do to enjoy this fabulos time of year. 

So as I write this, I am reminded that it is Labor Day Weekend. Generally considered the last holiday of the summer. The last hoorah. The last chance to get out there and enjoy the weather, hopefully it doesn’t rain. But you get what I mean.

So what are you gonna do to celebrate this last holiday? Take a trip to a reletive or friend’s house and enjoy their company? Have a cook out and enjoy the bounty of home grown freshly harvested good foods? Maybe your going to go to a Theme Park, or a Meuseum, or maybe your going to explor a new city you’ve never been to. Or maybe your just going to stay home and do some work around your house getting it ready for the months ahead of harsher weather. Or maybe your going to stay home and relax, rest, and recouperate. Give the ol’ body a break and a chance t catch up from hard work you’ve been putting it through the past few months with all the extra work that summer brings like yard work on top of all the other work you have to do anyway.

Summer can be a demanding time of year. As I mentioned the yard work is constant, week after week cutting the grass and now and then tending to the flower beds. Then there are the summer sports the kids are in, like soccer, and baseball, and volleyball. These sports can consume the summer with all the practices and then the actual games. Before you know it summer is over and all you’ve done is watch a ball. 

So I encourage you to think of September as your month of transition. Take this first weekend, the Labor Day Weekend, the last holiday of the summer, the last hoorah, and ENJOY. Do something that you really love to do, whatever that may be. Just get out there and let yourself loose with whatever it is that floats your boat. Hey there’s another idea, go boating. Anyway I think you get the picture.

God invented the sabbath as our day of rest. We don’t always take that day to rest but we should. So when a holiday comes around, especially the last one of the summer, take a break. Rest, recouperate, and enjoy the 3 day holiday weekend the best you can. I like to think of a holiday as a little extra sabboth. And I like to think of Labor Day as the sabboth weekend or the “Last Hoorah” of the summer. I always think this time of year, “Can’t wait til Memorial Day.” Because that’s the First Hoorah of the summer and the rest of the  summer is ahead of us not behind us. I love summer!