OK!  I am just sick and tired of ya’ll not getting this one. 

I was recently reading a blog post and saw some classes that were referred to I thought I might be interested in, so I jumped to that link. I saw the class I was interested in was to start at 12:30 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. Now wait a cotton picken minute. I am not going to attend any class that starts in the middle of the night and goes to the middle of the day. I knew that this had to be an error on the part of the person doing the posting, but this is important. So I call them. They were confused as I explained the delima. Not sure if he ever really got it.

It was drilled into me as a kid by my parents the difference between am and pm as it relates to the 12 hour clock because it is important to know time. Sure, time is a no brainer if you are working on the military clock. Everyone knows that a new day starts at midnight. So, in military time  the 12th hour is noon. But when it comes to the 12 hour clock the a.m. and p.m. thing comes into play. Let me give those of you who need it a quick lesson. This is also for the guy at that web site that just didn’t understand what I was saying.

OK. A.M. referes to After Midnight, and P.M. referes to Past Morning. Past Morning means past the morning and now it is afternoon. And After Midnight means after the midnight hour and it is not noon yet. I like to think of it as A.M. is the first part of the day, or the first 12 hours, and P.M. is the second part of the day, or the second 12 hours. This relates to as it comes in the alphabet, A before P. 

So I hope you are all clear on that one. A.M. is after midnight and before noon. P.M. is after noon and before midnight. Please be carefull when you use these terms as one is extreemly different from the other and can cause confussion to those who simply don’t get it no matter how hard they try. If in doubt,  just say the class being offered will be from 12:30 to 2:00 in the daylight. LOL

Have a great a.m. and p.m., it’s all in a days work. LOL  

I hope you all realize this has all been in fun and not meant to demean anyone. I just had to poke fun at the guy who just didn’t get it. Maybe he does now. LOL