The ezWalker does it again. I had a phone call today from a satisfied customer, praising the ezWalker custom orthotic she ordered from me. She said she has had 2 custom orthotics made in the past, both from different Dr’s. Neither orthotic was comfortable. She took the second one back to the Dr. complaining that is hurt when she tried to wear it. The Dr. told her she would just have to get use to it, that there was nothing wrong with it. She said to me, “If there’s nothing wrong with it why can’t I wear it? It hurts.”  As I looked at this orthotic and studied the fit, I determined the casting process used was not controlling the hind foot at all. Unfortunately, there are very few good custom orthotics on the market that really work because of the casting methods used. I say, “Junk in is junk out.”  The orthotic her Dr. had made was an accommodating orthotic and not a functional one, and a bad accommodating orthotic on top of it because of the casting method that had been used. For more information on accommodating and functional orthotics go to If you are having trouble with foot pain, and your feet are flexible, even just a bit,  you will probably benefit best from a functional orthotic. This type, if casted for properly, will control the hind foot and allow the forefoot to be released of any misguided follow through due to poor bio mechanics. Good bio mechanics starts with proper pronation control of the hind foot. Pronation is not always a bad thing. As a matter of fact, pronation, as long as it is controlled in the proper manner is really a good thing. For proper bio mechanics a certain amount of pronation is necessary. Too much or too little control will still throw off one’s gait. So when my customer was excited that the ezWalker actually worked, I told her of course if does. My casting technique allows the foot to determine the amount of support, not too much and not too little. I call the ezWalker, the Goldilocks of orhtotics, it’s just right. Don’t believe me go to and look for the testimonials. If your still not convinced and want more than what you see there, contact me and I’ll give you e-mail addresses to contact real people that wear the ezWalker. Find out for yourself how an ezWalker can make your foot pain, knee pain, low back pain, and general fatigue go away. Because foot pain is NOT an option, and when your feet feel good you feel good!!!