So I’m at a network marketing meeting last month, and I’m talking to a guy that wants to know what I do for a living. I tell him, “I help people put their best foot forward.” He inquires further out of his own curiosity, so I elaborate and explain I am a Certified Pedorthist and that my specialty is the ezWalker. He asks “What’s an ezWalker?” I expand on that and tell him “The ezWalker is a custom orthotic that will fit in All your footwear.” His response is “How will that help me?” I ask him if he has any foot pain. He says “Yes!” I ask him to show me where his pain is and after he pointed to the spot, I answered with a response of “You really need my ezWalker custon orthotic device to support your feet and reduce your pain, because if you let this go you are putting yourself at risk for the possibility of a more serious injury.” Well, now I’m not a Dr., and this guy just met me, so why should he believe me? Could it be because I’ve seen too many of these type of pain concerns in my career and have helped many people to not only protect but actually heal their foot pain. Of course not. He just met me. He has no reason to trust me other than I told him I know what I’m doing.  So I run into him last night, about a month later, and he’s wearing a medical boot.  I had to ask, “Did your pain get worse or have you had to have surgery?” He said that the pain got worse and he just had to go to the Dr. and find out what was wrong. The Dr. told him his post tibial tendon was inflamed, (by the way that’s what I told him a month ago) and he would have  to wear a medical boot, and for him to ice it and stay off of it as much as possible. So why was he out and about at another networking meeting? Because he doesn’t listen, otherwise he would already be in an ezWalker and not a medical boot. He’s all ears now and wants to know if I will cast him for a pair of ezWalkers. Of course I say yes.   Moral to this story… don’t wait til the pain gets so bad that you have to wear a big bulky medical boot. Do something proactive to protect yourself from further damage. The ezWalker is your insurance against the possibility of severe pain and injury due to lack of proper bio mechanics that put your feet at risk with every step you take. To learn more about proper bio mechanics of the foot and why the ezWalker is the only custom orthotic on the web you should trust to use proper casting techniques to build you the best little custom arch support  going.  Learn why Foot Pain is NOT an Option.                        Because your shoes aren’t really shoes until they’re ezWalkin shoes.                                                                                The, because… when your feet feel good you feel good.