There are many reasons why your feet hurt. One of the most common reasons is improperly fitting footwear. Most people today don’t know what it is like to go to a store, and have a trained professional fit them for proper footwear. Oh sure, you think the person at the shoe store knows how to fit shoes, but what qualifies them to do the job. Usually NOTHING! And if you are trying to do this on the web, there are no good shoe fitting charts on the Internet. You must address the ball of foot fitting principals for a great fit. Unless you are being fitted by a Certified Shoe Fitter or a Certified Pedorthist, you are not being fitted by someone who knows what to look for in a good fit.
A CSF is trained to look for things like ball of the foot fit and proper width fit and make sure that the shoes fit appropriately even if slight alterations to the shoes have to be done to make that fit the best fit. A C-Ped is a person trained like a CSF with a bit more to offer. A C-Ped is trained in proper ball of foot fitting, width fitting, and will do alterations as well for best fit. But, a C-Ped will also make the proper support adjustments with arch support and/or hind and forefoot wedging to control pronation and suppination, can preform proper external shoe modifications so the shoes help that person walk with ease when things like deformities and differences in leg length is an issue, and is trained to cast and mold for custom orthotic support. A custom orthotic like the ezWalker from The is one of the best things you can do for your feet. Even normal feet. Think for a moment, shoes are mass produced in mirror matched images and feet are not. So if you have an ezWalker that is made specifically for your feet, the right and left made independently of one and other, the inside of your shoe will then be a true custom fit. The most important part of the shoe is the inner sole where your foot rests. If you have an ezWalker for the foot to sit on in the shoe, your foot can really rest and be comfortable throughout your entire day and into the night. Nothing fits and works more versatility than an ultra thin, 3/4 length, ezWalker from The Make your feet happy feet with an ezWalker today. And remember…When your feet feel good you feel good.