Boomers are busy people trying to manage lots of things in their lives. And what about trying to manage the stress of their siblings and or friends that have maybe been laid of for a long period of time in this struggling economy? As the good book teaches us to take care of others we sometimes put our own needs second. Please allow me to say if you don’t take care of yourself first, you will soon be of no help to others. You will be stressed out, sick, tired, and sick and tired of being sick and tired. Before long you will wonder why you are in pain. Stress can take a real toll on our ability to cope with the day to day trials and eventually make us in just as bad a shape as the people we are trying to help. I encourage you to remember to take time for you. Learn how to say no. Learn how to help others to do more for themselves. Be a guide not a force. Find words to help heal and not actions that will enable. Find ways to say I care about you without going so far that the ones you are trying to help think they need you. That without you they could not survive. Encourage don’t enable. You and the ones you are trying to help only need one thing, faith. Faith is believing in the unknown. Trusting in our all mighty God to bring us through the wilderness into the promise land. He will protect us from the giants in the world and give us strength to do whatever He has for us to do. But even God will tell you to take care of yourself. To go forth with a clear heart that has compassion and understanding and teach the world about the promises of God. We are the Baby Boomers, the gifts from God, the chosen ones with the lessons we have learned about life that we are to share with others. So go forward never backward. Go give and plant seeds for life to grow. Prune the dead and nurture the new sprouts from the seeds you have planted. Give life to one without allowing the life to be sucked out of you in the process. Take time to realize you are first on the list. When you do that, soon you will find you will have more than enough of what it takes to help others. Be a blessing and be blessed. Live, Love, and Laugh. You will feel so much better and remember God is on your side. His grace is there if you obey. Choose Life.