When your feet hurt you hurt all over. And when your feet feel good you feel good. 

That being said, why do your feet bother you in the first place? There can be many reasons. Part one will address the body’s general health status as a big reason for foot pain.

Our bodies go through a tremendous amount of stress. Stress can be caused by many different things. Stress is stress no matter where it comes from. Stress does the body harm. Destressing is easier said than done sometimes. One of my favorite ways to destress involves my feet.

Have you ever heard of reflexology?  

Reflexology in PracticeReflexology is a natural therapy using tactile stimulation, applied with varying degrees of pressure to the feet and hands, which reflect the organs of the body. I believe that the reflexes that represent the organs of the body are reflected as an anatomical mirror image on the bones of the feet and hands. Stimulating these reflexes with this unique technique can promote the body’s own healing ability to promote better health. Reflexology is a unique modality in the health field. Its purpose is not to treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well being in the same way as an exercise or diet program.


The idea behind Reflexology is not new. In fact, it was practiced as early as 2330 BC by the Egyptian culture. Modern Reflexology as we know it today was first researched by Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Riley and developed by Eunice Ingham, the pioneer of this field.


There are many different methods of Reflexology. Some methods are only hands on, while others make use of sticks, wands or other tools.




Reflexology is primarily used for relaxing tension. Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress. Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply, and helps nature balance and harmonize all bodily functions.



Education is your strongest ally. Certain conditions require gentle work while others require stronger work. I do not believe that there are contradictions to Reflexology. Let me say again that in some conditions it is critical how you apply Reflexology, therefore educate yourself! Generally Reflexology helps to bring the body back to balance and harmony. It is an effective way to nurture the body back to health.

According to some reflexologists, stimulating nerve endings in these extremities has an effect on the whole body’s nervous system, which promotes healing. Others take a more mystical approach, believing that “life energy” can be blocked or put into imbalance, and reflexology corrects this.

We all know that having our feet massaged feels good – especially after a hard day of work. A good feeling can lead to endorphin release and decreased stress.

You can search the Internet for plenty of information about reflexology. The chart below is a map of the parts of the feet and how they relate to all the other organs of the body. 
Reflexology Foot Chart

Reflexology is a very efficient healing modality for addressing a number of stress related ailments like:

  • Migraines
  • Infertility
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Sports Injuries
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Back Pain
  • Stress-Related Conditions

Reflexology can also be helpful while trying to heal an acute illness such as broncontis, stomach upset, illregularity, flu virus, and many more.  Professionally delivered reflexology treatments can bring balance and harmony to the entire body allowing it to preform more efficiently.

I speak from personal experience and say, anytime I can get a good reflexology treatment I consider it therapeutic for my whole body as well as it just feels plain good. This I do for me. If you’ve never tried reflexology, I suggest you do. You won’t be sorry.

Part two will address the bio machanical issues that can cause foot pain.