Arch support is readily found everywhere.  Any store selling shoes or foot care products will usually have arch supports for sale. Just simply type in the keywords “arch support” or “custom orthotic” to any search engine on the Internet and you will get over 250,000 responses. As you research the options you will find a hugh price range. You will see they all claim to be the best, the one that works. You’ll find they all claim to be “custom” when in reality only a very few have earned the right to be truly called a “custom orthotic”. How can you tell what is truly custom? How can you tell if it will really work even if it is truly custom made? How can you tell which one to by? How do you know if you are spending your money wisely?

Let me try to answer those questions with some facts.

First what makes an orthotic really an orthotic and not just an arch support? The word orthotic is used to describe a custom molded insert for a shoe designed to improve posture and gait. Keywords here are “custom molded”. That means it must be made specifically for your feet. Over the counter arch supports are mass produced in mirror matched images and in no way are made just for you. Therefore, over the counter arch supports have not earned the right to be referred to as an orthotic. However, many use this term, or should I say misuse this term. 

How do you know when you are shopping for a custom orthotic if you are really buying a custom made orthotic. You must know that an impression of your foot will need to be taken so a positive mold can be made of your feet. This is used to create the custom orthotic for your shoes. 

Now, how can you tell if the orthotic you are about to purchase is going to really work? This is determined by how well the impression process is done. Never ever buy a custom orthotic without an impression of your feet being made.  Never trust a company that tells you to “just step into the box of impression foam”. Never make an impression bearing any body weight during the impression process unless you only want an orthotic to be a match of the bottom of your foot.  There are many ways of making impressions of your feet using impression foam. But junk in is junk out. The only proven process is one that is done using a series of strategic steps used to place the feet into the block of impression foam. These steps will start with the strike zone at the heel, then  guide the feet through the arch to the forefoot, ending with the toe off part of the gait cycle. No weight should ever be placed on the feet during the process. This will create a bio mechanically correct step, allowing the feet to dictate the maximum amount of support each foot will tolerate. With the use of a custom orthotic fabricated using this process each foot will be guided by the orhtotic, delivering a better bio mechanical step. Supporting and controlling the hindfoot will allow the forefoot to distribute the body weight properly allowing the big toe joint to carry the biggest load.  This joint is big for a reason and should be a weight bearing joint. When the smaller joints do the job for the big toe due to improper bio mechanics of the foot, they run the risk of pain and even injury. Stress fractures are common in the lesser joints because of poor bio mechanics of the foot.

The is the only place on the web where a proper impression process is available.  When you purchase the ezWalker quality crafted custom orthotic from The, you will receive access to the secure page where you will learn their impression process. On that page you  will be taught by a step by step easy to understand video that can be stopped and started at will, how to stragically place your feet into the foam for the best orthotic money can buy. It’s simple to do, just view the video a few times before actually doing your impression. This is important because you only get one chance to do your impression. Once the foam is pressed with the foot the foam is not reusable. When you have finished,  using the provided labels, send the impression kit back to the Walkezstore, a technician will check the impression to make sure you have done a quality job. You will then be informed as to when your orthotic will be ready. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery at this time. 

Last but not least, don’t always expect that if you have paid allot of money for your custom orthotic you will get a quality product. There is a very large mark up on custom orthotics. Sometimes insurance will pay for custom orthotics and therefore there are many companies taking advantage of this by over charging for their product. The prides itself on crafting a high quality product at a reasonable price. Compared to many other comparable products, the ezWalker custom orthotic is about half the price. The best thing about the ezWalker is it’s ultra thin design. No longer do you need a bigger size or a special type of shoe to wear a custom orthotic. The ezWalker will fit in all your existing shoes. There is even an ezWalker for dress shoes and dance shoes. 

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