Our Mission...

At the WalkEZstore our goal is to help our clients old and new reach the mountaintop!

To contribute to the overall good health and well-being through the pathway of quality foot health. Providing the best care to every customer with compassionate practice and education for every pair of feet every step of the way.

Easy Online Ordering

We make it easy and convenient to gain access to our custom fit orthotics. Order online or call to speak to a real person. 888-3-WALK-EZ.  Shopping with us is always safe and secure.

Straight Forward Pricing

We sell our products directly to the public, eliminating the need for high doctor fees and the middleman. Get one pair for $349 and a second pair made from the same mold at a significant discount. Inquire about details. We also offer a money back guarantee, you don’t find that anywhere in the custom orthotic industry. We aim to help your pain, not take your money. At the WalkEZstore we care!

Critical Thinkers

This is important – we take the time to find a solution for feet of all ages. Shoes and over-the-counter arch supports come in mirror matched images, feet do not. We solve that problem the WalkEZ Way by strategically putting your feet in the right position within your shoes so your feet can function to the best of their ability. Whatever the activity we help relieve pain of all kinds. Whether you’re 2 or 92 a custom-fit is always the best fit, and our fit is guaranteed!

Customer Support

We’re available to help serve our customers online and offline.     Just contact us. Call 888-392-5539 Customer Service is ext. 1              or email info@walkezstore.com.        A customer service team member will be glad to help. And remember, shopping with us is always safe and secure.

Our Story

We started from a humble beginning and have grown to serve the needs of more than 2,500 pairs of feet. Meet our Founder and learn more about us today!

Kathy Carandang

Kathy Carandang

Certified Pedorthist/Founding Owner and CEO

  • Average Foot Improvement 95% 95%
  • Average Reduction of Pain 95% 95%
  • Average Improvement of Conditions 89% 89%
  • Overall Customer Happiness 98% 98%

A foot must function or move in a certain way for it to work at its best state of efficiency. It was designed to walk on the earth’s terrain. We don’t do that; we walk on flat and hard surfaces, and we use footwear that may or may not be properly fitted or suited for our unique feet. You see, shoes and over-the-counter arch support products (which are simply the ‘up sell’ for the shoe store) come in mirror-matched images, feet do not! We fix that problem with our custom-crafted orthotics that change how your feet function within your shoes. Much has been learned in recent years about the biomechanics of feet. By supporting a foot strategically, we can get your feet to work at their best biomechanical ability. Most over-the-counter arch support and custom orthotic devices lock up the motion of a foot, creating an atrophying effect over time. This is NOT healthy. Atrophy is a weakening of muscles due to loss of motion. We get your feet up and moving again with proper biomechanical functionality. This, in turn, is like “Foot Therapy” or exercise with every step you take, giving your feet and the entire kinetic chain of events that happen to the body as you walk and move a healthier and happier way to go.


Go stronger! Go longer! Go for life!

“As a fitness devotee, former competitive athlete, and current sports and fitness pastor, I can honestly say Kathy Carandang and the WalkEZstore.com were an answer to prayer for my aching heels and feet. After being referred to Kathy by other satisfied customers, I was successfully fitted by her for orthotics and shoe products that have allowed me to pursue the active lifestyle I desire. The pain is gone and the fun has come back. I highly recommend Kathy and her business.”
Pastor Dean Bouzeos

Executive Director, The Gathering Place

“Thank you and God Bless You! Meeting you at the Covered Bridge Festival was NOT in my plan, but I am so glad it WAS in God’s plan.  While waiting for my inserts, I was skeptical. Could they help?  Would they be a waste of time and money?  For over 15 years I had tried all sorts of over-the-counter inserts, doctors, physical therapy, prescription medications- finding shoes was practically impossible.  I had given up hope of ever not hurting.  When they arrived, I read the instructions and still worried.  Then I tried them on.  Wow!  The first day I wore them for almost 6 hours!  It only took me three days to get accustomed to true support.  I wear them in everything from slippers to cowboy boots.  My chiropractor says they even help my spine and hips!  I don’t dread taking that first step in the morning, or shopping with my daughter.  My feet don’t throb at night.  I tell everyone I know about my inserts and the difference they have made in my life.  You are an answer to my prayers!  Thank you again!”
Lavorna Tester

Heltonville, IL