10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Feet

There are lots of things to understand about your feet…and wish you did!

“I am thrilled and surprised as I feel like my feet are getting better. I no longer feel any pain in the ball of my foot, I thought I would never be able to jump or put much weight on the balls of my feet, but that is no longer true. I am doing both - PAIN FREE!" - Carol E.

Most people don’t know their true foot size. Do you? It’s important to know, because every foot is different and so is every shoe.

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  • Foot Education = Foot Health = Better Body Health
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  • A custom orthotic and proper shoe fitting can give you years of great health
  • To properly measure your feet
  • To properly fit a shoe
  • Wearing the right sized shoe is best for foot health
  • Foot exercises are important to muscular health, circulatory health and to overall body health