I've worn ezWalker custom orthotics for about 18 months. I was beginning to notice my feet were just not a comfortable as they were a few months ago. So I decided to get a new pair. Normally I don't favor standing for long periods of time even with my old ezWalkers. But using my newly molded ezWalker Performance custom orthotics I stood for close to an hour and didn't give my feet a second thought. I continued to wear them for another 10 hours and my feet felt awesome. Wow, who would have thought that putting my shoes on would be the best thing I did for myself all day. My alignment is so much better. I've noticed more so than ever before my feet are firm and pointing forward when I stand or walk. They have never felt this way before. ezWalker has helped my feet to improve beyond my belief. With this product you can't go wrong. Thank you WalkEZstore. I'll be telling everyone I know about your wonderful foot fixers.

Scott St.Onge
Indy Garden Works Martinsville, IN
Thank you!
Meeting you at the Covered Bridge Festival was NOT in my plan, but I am so glad it WAS in God's plan.  While waiting for my inserts, I was skeptical. Could they help?  Would they be a waste of time and money?  For over 15 years I had tried all sorts of over-the-counter inserts, doctors, physical therapy, prescription medications- finding shoes was practically impossible.  I had given up hope of ever not hurting.  When they arrived, I read the instructions and still worried.  Then I tried them on.  Wow!  The first day I wore them for almost 6 hours!  It only took me three days to get accustomed to true support.  I wear them in everything from slippers to cowboy boots.  My chiropractor says they even help my spine and hips!  I don't dread taking that first step in the morning, or shopping with my daughter.  My feet don't throb at night.  I tell everyone I know about my inserts and the difference they have made in my life.  You are an answer to my prayers!  Thank you!

God Bless You!

Lavorna Tester
Heltonville, IL
I was experiencing right hip pain for months and the pain was generating numbness down the side of my leg. I finally went to a chiropractor and after five weeks of treatment with minimal results (2 to 3 x per wk), I went to an orthopedic doctor to see if possibly I needed a hip replacement at the age of 49. After x-rays and examinations, the doctor reported my hips were in perfect condition.

I was stunned, because there were days that the pain was so bad, I had a strong limp. It was suggested to me that and I should seek pain management, meaning taking pain meds. I did not want to do this. For me, this was not an option. Finally, I decided to get custom orthotics to see if it would help. I searched online and found The WalkEZstore. The customer service and personal attention I received was superb!

When my ezWalker custom orthotics arrived, I eagerly put them in my shoes. After wearing them for only three days, my hip pain disappeared. I am amazed! This product truly works! I highly recommend trying the ezWalker product before going to a doctor- you will save a lot on medical costs, and I highly recommend this product when all the experts have given you no other answers to your pain issues. Thank you Walk EZ Store for giving me back a quality of life I know I would not have if I would have “listened” to the experts!

Roscel Carandang
Greenwood, IN
Many thanks to Kathy at the Walkezstore. Our 12 year old daughter's ankles would "cave in" as she walked, and caused her pain. Kathy was very thorough in finding the cause and making custom shoe inserts that are "transferable" and easy to fit in a wide variety of her shoes. They have greatly improved how she walks.  I highly recommend the walkezstore.com!

Heather Hoffmeyer
Greenwood, IN
Things are going extremely well regarding my new ezWalker custom orthotics. I've been wearing orthotics for over twenty years and I've never had the results gained from any of them like I have from using the ezWalkers. My foot pain is gone and my doctor says the rest of my body is realigning itself for the better. Also, you teaching me how to select proper fitting shoes has helped significantly. With proper fitting shoes and orthotics my blisters have disappeared despite my increasing level of activity. Your efforts have helped me improve my overall health. Thank you WalkEZstore.

Brian Mullinax
Indianapolis, IN
ezWalkers are awesome and walk all over the competition in quality, price & results!

Christina Fletcher
Whiteland, IN
I have to rave about Kathy, and how she goes way above and beyond what is expected. My feet were just a mess, and Kathy has worked with me and tweaked my shoes and insoles until everything was just perfect. My feet are not near as "Tired" as they used to be, and I've been wearing my shoes for 10-12+hrs/day. I used to come home and my feet and knees would ache, and I couldn't wait to take my shoes off... now i don't even think about it.

Thanks Kathy, you are the perfect example of what customer service is all about! and the shoes/insoles are something i wish i had found years ago!!!


Jay Allenn
Mooresville, IN