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Are You at Risk of Osteoporosis?

Did you know about 52 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis and low bone mass? According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is responsible for 2 million broken bones each year that equate to about $19 billion in related costs. And experts predict these numbers will rise by 2025 to around 3 million fractures, resulting in $25.3 […]

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Hallux Rigidus: A Painful, Stiff Big Toe

Has the joint at the base of your big toe caused you pain and stiffness? Has it progressively gotten worse that you now have lost all motion in the toe and it’s rigid? You likely have hallux rigidus. A form of degenerative arthritis, hallux rigidus causes pain and stiffness in the metatarsophalangeal or MTP joint […]

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Don’t Let Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Cause Flat Feet

Do you have pain along the inside of your foot and ankle? Does the pain get worse with high-intensity or high-impact activities like running, tennis or basketball? Do you have trouble walking or standing for a long time? You may have posterior tibial tendonitis. The posterior tibial tendon connects the posterior tibial muscle (a muscle […]

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Stinky Feet? Pee-Yew!

After you’ve been on your feet all day, when you kick off your shoes, does everyone clear the room? Unfortunately, stinky feet can have that affect. However, bacteria are to blame for your feet’s odor. Bacteria love to live on your moist, warm feet and hide in the dark, damp insides of your shoes. They feed […]

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Are You Having a Flip-Flop Foot Fiasco?

From the pool to the office to an evening out on the town, flip-flops have become a summer staple. But wearing flip-flops for an extended period of time can cause you long-term orthopedic problems like plantar fasciitis.   Plantar fasciitis is a common, chronic inflammatory foot condition. The plantar fascia is a flat band of ligament […]

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How to Treat Neuropathic Pain

Does your skin ever feel like it’s burning or numb? Or, do you experience a pins-and-needles sensation.   This condition is likely due to an injured nerve. Healthy nerves only send signals when they’re stimulated. For example, the nerves in your big toe will send pain signals when you stub your toe. However, if you have […]

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Morton’s Toe: A “Classic” Foot Disorder

Do you have a second toe that is longer than your big toe? If so, you have Morton’s toe, a common forefoot variation that’s found in up to 20% of the population. This disorder is also known as “Greek toe,” since the ancient Greeks considered a longer second toe to be a sign of beauty. […]

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Do You Have the Bunion Blues?

Are you singing the blues due to foot pain? Do you have an unsightly bump on the side of your foot at the base of your big toe? Is it red and inflamed? Does it cause you pain when your shoe rubs against it? If so, you may have a bunion. About 55% of American […]

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How to Treat and Prevent Hammertoe

Do you have a toe or toes that curl? Do these toes resemble a hammer or claw? Do these toes have corns and calluses on them from rubbing the inside of your shoes? Do you have a hard time moving these toes? Do these toes give you pain when walking or performing other foot movements? […]

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Overpronation: What Is It and What Can You Do for It?

The Normal Gait Cycle   As you walk, your feet and legs propel your body forward. During a normal gait cycle, your feet land on either side of an imaginary line that moves forward in the direction you’re traveling. You begin to walk with one leg extended in front of the other. As the heel on […]

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